4 Tips On How To Win Love Back With Common Sense

How To Win Love Back With Common Sense

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You cannot win love back by stalking your ex or sending some gifts and flowers. How sweet of you of course but it just never works that way. You need to be smart and prudent in your judgment.Do not let love replace your common sense by allowing how you feel about someone impair your ability to see that person for what they truly are. Below are some tips on how to win your lost love back with common sense:

  1. Do not try to change your partner

Do not try so hard to change your partner’s character or personality in any way. Let them be who they are. It is a more natural version of themselves. You should also not let your partner try to change you into someone you are not. Everybody wishes to find a partner of certain qualities, but no one is perfect, common sense should tell you that so you can never find a person of your desired qualities exclusively, they will always have ups and downs. Embrace them for what they really are.

  1. Do not depend on your partner to meet all your needs

Your partner should not be your source of income. You are his partner, not his project or your sole financial responsibility. If you need to win your love back, try to be more depended on yourself than your partner. You might have been dumped maybe because you were straining your partner financially and he or she could not handle your financial demands. Once you work on this, things will work out just fine.

  1. Win his or her heart back

Trust is like glass, once broken, it is hard to put together the broken pieces.  Your partner may want to break up with you maybe because he or she is feeling neglected, ignored or taken for granted. The worst part about this is that you will fall apart and it is definitely the heart which suffers the most. Finding true love is never easy, you may be deeply in love with someone but you are not sure if that person feels the same way about you. When you win the heart of someone, you become sure about how they truly feel about you. It is a good feeling when you know you have someone’s heart.

  1. Do a self-reflection

After breaking up, you will obviously be upset, heartbroken or just feeling empty. It is normal. You need to take your time and figure out what you really want and if it is good for you or not. Do you love your partner and do you want to continue this affair or not. Do not go back begging your partner just because you feel lonely or broken inside, you will just look desperate. Take ample time to work on yourself before doing something that you might end up regretting later.

Dating, Marriage and Divorce – A Brief Look At The Past

Dating, marriage and divorce are three things that every person in this world will experience at one point of their lives or another. But, have you ever wondered where these all started in the first place?

History of Dating

Old-fashioned courtship is the basis of the history of dating. Courtship in itself has developed in numerous ways from the traditional arranged marriages common throughout human history. When you speak of courtship, it means to woo. Wooing refers to seeking the love of another person with marriage being the main goal in mind. Hundreds of years ago, it was still considered normal for a 15-year old boy and 13-year old girl to sit down and discuss their plans for marriage. Today’s dating process has seen radical changes in both purpose and structure as compared to the time when courting was merely an operative term.

Courting was not something done by young people for the sake of having a good time. Back then, this was a serious business proposition for the families. It was also surprising that the key players in the process of marriage were not the groom and bride alone but also their respective parents.

Courting was rooted in the times of arranged marriages although the couple and what they feel usually play an important role. However, families still discuss how the marriage would benefit not just the groom and the bride but also their clans. The primary point here is that the marriage is the joining of two families and two young people.

History of Marriage

marriageAs far as the history of marriage is concerned, there are several striking factors which come forth. Many of ancient societies have introduced marriage for the purpose of protecting bloodlines and as system for handing down the property rights. It means that based on ancient Hebrew custom, when a person dies and leaves a widow behind, his brother must marry the wife of the brother. In ancient times, marriages were not deemed as a simple personal affair with main concern on just the couple alone. Instead, the system was mainly the union of two families which brought the couple together as one. Universally, the ancient marriages were all a form of arranged marriages.

Marriage’s interesting history claims that back in the older world, the concept of marriage was a form of economic liaison. A man and a woman got engaged and said I do not because of their love for one another but because of an economic contract between two families. Romantic love was hardly ever mentioned and even a simple affection was not considered as important. More often than not, the couple meets for the very first time during the marriage ceremony. In addition, the wives virtually did not hold any right and were expected to be subservient to their husband. On the other hand, the husbands can choose to dismiss their wives anytime they wish to.

Based on ancient marriage history, specifically Greek, Roman and Israel, marriage was deemed as a principle social institution. In Sparta, single and childless men were treated scornfully. As a matter of fact, Roman Emperor Augustus passed the stringent laws compelling marriage as well as penalizing people who chose to stay single. Nevertheless, the marriages were monogamous mostly. The groom’s father arranged the best economical marriage for his son and had a contract to be signed by both the parties before the witnesses. Usually, the bride was in her teens and the groom is in his thirties. Along with high age disparity, there exists a good inequality in the educational and political rights. Men might do anything with the children and wives. He could punish, sell or kill them if he wants to.

Ancient marriages regarded women as the second sex and inferior to men. Normally, they were confined to home and their main role was to manage only the domestic chores and give birth to children. The wives were expected to be loyal to their partners. However, on contrary, the husbands might turn to prostitutes and concubines to satisfy their erotic lust. As a matter of fact, Demosthenes, the Greek orator, declared once that they have some prostitutes for their pleasure, wives to bear them offspring, and concubines for their health. According to the history of Israel, Solomon had a total of 300 concubines along with 700 queens. Nevertheless, that scene changed with an introduction of the Christian teachings that stressed on the emotional consent of the couple to the engagement.

Pope Nicholas declared in the past that marriage is one of the precious incidents of life and he asked everybody to maintain lifelong relationships with her or his partner. It’s considered as an important church teaching for years.

History of Divorce

Divorce a personBasically, the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1857 allowed people to divorce. Back then, divorce was only open to men and was granted by Act of Parliament, which is very expensive and was also open to rich people.

Under the new law, women who divorce on the grounds of adultery not only need to prove their husbands were unfaithful, but also they must prove other faults that included incest, rape, and cruelty. In 1923, a private members’ bill made everything much easier for women to petition for divorce in terms of adultery, yet it still need to be proven. In 1937, the law changed and divorce was allowed on the other grounds including insanity, desertion, and drunkenness.

In 1969, there was a big change. It is when Divorce Reform Act was passed, which enabled the couples to divorce after they’d been separated for 2 years. A marriage can be ended if this had broken down and the partner doesn’t have to prove fault.

Unfortunately, divorces continued to favor men with the maintenance and award for less-wealthy spouse, typically women, being calculated based on the needs until a particular case in year 1996. It was actually a landmark case for the reason that it was decided that the assets must be split more fairly and recognized the homemaker’s contribution.

Real Dating Needs a Real Confidence

online chatingIt is really different from online chatting where you can directly build your confidence, but in the reality, you need time to build this real confidence. When you are about to attract a woman, the first thing that you must have is confidence. How can you talk and meet her when you do not have confidence? A woman will know that you have a potential to be a successful person when she knows that you are quite confident.

Meanwhile, most of the men will think that this kind of woman is materialistic or she only wants money from the men. But, it is actually not right at all. It is kind of normal if you meet a woman who is looking for a successful man. She wants it because it can be her satisfaction indicator as it is also found in men who are looking for satisfaction in various ways. So, there is no reason for a man to consider this woman is materialistic because a woman will only look for a lover and sincere life partner.

Both of men and women want a forever life partner but it is not just a partner in the term of finance, companionship, decision making, but also it is all about sex. If you want to seduce any women, then you must consider that both of you are the same and equals. Meanwhile, confidence is not always inside everybody because you may have or you do not have it. But, it all depends on your decision because you can actually grow your confidence.

To seduce a woman, you need to be a good person, funny, smart, have a good job, sincere, and much more. You need to show your good attitude and you also need to know that not all of the women only think about a material or rich man. Some of the women only want a confident person and she wants a man who knows what actually he offers to build a good relationship.

What Are Women Looking For In Men?

What Are Women Looking For In MenWomen are looking for the alpha male characteristics. Simple enough, an alpha male a cool guy who is able to stay confident around a gorgeous girl, approaches her without hesitation, makes her laugh, asks about her, and listens.

Remember that alpha males still have a vulnerable, human side, and while you’ll stay strong most of the time and become a positive, calm and collected guy, sometimes you’ll still show some weakness.

You Are A Leader And Take Care Of Yourself

Leader’s are decisive and powerful, so you’re not afraid to speak out when you don’t like something and have no problems saying “No.” You also have a leader’s mindset: you are clean and well-groomed and you don’t get complacent when you enter a relationship.

You Know Your Value

You’re mental, emotional, and culturally reach, and you’ve become a selfless giver that expects nothing from anyone. High-value man doesn’t ask for anything because they don’t need other people to be happy or complete.

Other Women Chase You

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Because you know your value, you don’t chase or pursue women. Instead, other women chase you, and that will make you very attractive to other girls, even to your significant other. Be sure to subtly let her know that other women have shown interest in you.

You Are Balanced And You Don’t Care What Others Think

You’re strong and independent, you’ve found your emotional level, and you don’t let attractive women get you nervous. You’re indifferent and aware that you’re the prize, not the other way around. Real men don’t care what others think about you, including gorgeous girls.

You Make Women Laugh

women laugh photoEveryone has a sense of humor or a natural charm, so don’t be shy to show your fun side to women. Girls will associate you with any feelings you made them feel, and humor is one of your greatest aphrodisiacs.

You’re Talented, Intelligent And You Have Goals

You have passions that go beyond daily routines, and you nurture your talents in such a way that will allow you to accomplish your goals. Women prefer ambitious man than uninspired boyfriends.

You Are Social And Value Your Friends And Family

You have an active social life and have harmonious relationships with those you care about, and you protect your friends and family and stick up for your girl when things get tough.

You’re The Right Lover

lover photoYou’re a warm and honest guy who is able to understand women like no other guy can because you’re able to connect with them on an emotional level; you don’t love your girl because of how she looks but because of who she is.

And Your Self Confidence Doesn’t Mean Arrogance

You always have to be humble and respect other people, so be careful you don’t become cocky or confident to the point that you turn out arrogant. Your value is something you show, not something you tell.

Understand What Women inside Women

Women inside WomenIt can be a complicated thing to do when dealing with looking for in a woman. You need to be motivated but you should not give up on this. Actually, finding a correct woman can be really easy if you know the best way to find it.

You can start with being open minded and you should not care about what other people say about you. You need to ignore everything and just focus on what you are really looking for. You must find a proper woman who can accept your condition.

understand womenOf course, you will be needing time to find out the correct woman as you wish. It is all about personality, not only about physical appearance. You have to know her personality, ambition, interest, and much more. Perhaps, you put an appearance on the first level, and then you need to look for a woman who has a good appearance.

However, you may ignore when you do not think that appearance is so important. Perhaps, you prefer a woman who has a different personality or who has different and unique hobbies. It is also undeniable that intelligence, ambition, sense of humor can be a great influence if we compare it with appearance.